Why "Corporate Shaman™?"

The Shaman’s role in the community is to restore balance, connectivity and prosperity to all members of the village, so that each person is recognized and honored for her and his unique contribution to the whole.

Corporate Shamans serve modern villages disguised as corporations (corpus=body) (company=com pane, break bread together; nourishment for life). Corporate Shamans guide villagers to clearly and consistently align daily activities with the larger purpose, for what really matters for the whole.

At Corporate Shaman, our outcome is to brew a customized blend of our processes with the wisdom and strengths that already exist in your village. We give your villagers, (leaders and teams) your own set of tools to “manage the energy” for more purposeful engagement, customer relations, conflict reduction, and enhanced productivity.

You learn to walk the mystical path with practical feet.” – Angeles Arrians