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Corporate Shaman is a consulting firm working with leaders, teams, and individuals, regardless of type or size of organization. We serve people in discovering innovative ways to move resiliently through change, mediate conflict, transform relationships, gain insights into themselves and others, and bring purpose into their lives.

Essentially, we offer you an ever-expanding blueprint for life and leadership.

Becoming Real Videos

Becoming Real Videos powerfully and positively impacts your life and the lives of those around you. Each short, interactive Becoming Real Videos comes with its own downloadable PDF workbook.

In 4 to 8 minutes, you’ll learn to release your past, create your future, transform any relationship, gain access to your most excellent self, and align your life. And that’s just in the first seven videos in Season One.

All episodes of Season One are now LIVE! Gain access to the premier of Season One of Becoming Real Videos by clicking the button below.

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Our Services



A path to purpose, power, presence, and peace, by aligning every action and decision with your purpose, values and beliefs.

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Solve problems, make decisions, and reach ideal outcomes with clarity, agility, and inclusivity.

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Customized service to reach highest potential personally and professionally for leaders, teams, and individuals.

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A customized plan for leaders, teams, and individuals including alignment, relevance, communications, system-wide and individual transformation, and conflict resolution.

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Why Outcome Mapping?

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Why Alignment?

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Why "Corporate Shaman?"

The Shaman’s role in the community is to restore balance, connectivity and prosperity to all members of the village, so that each person is recognized and honored for her and his unique contribution to the whole.

Corporate Shamans serve modern villages disguised as corporations, by guiding villagers (teams and leaders) to clearly and consistently align daily activities with the larger purpose, for what really matters for the whole.

At Corporate Shaman, our outcome is to brew a customized blend of our processes with the wisdom and strengths that already exist in your village. We provide a set of “tools” to manage the interpersonal and strategic energy and interactions among your teams. Applying these tools result in more purposeful engagement among all, trusted and sustainable relations with customers, conflict reduction, and enhanced productivity.

You learn to walk the mystical path with practical feet.” – Angeles Arrians


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