Our Specialty

We call ourselves Corporate Shaman because we believe there is a deep yearning for and a deep disconnect from meaning and purpose in our culture and in our corporations.

Shamans teach us to reach below the surface and to reconnect with ourselves, our communities and our environment. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through organizations, the community within which many people spend much of their lives.

Using many shamanic principles around creating community, we coach, consult and facilitate the weaving together of team members, clients, customers and community to create spaces where people choose to connect and contribute.

  • Alignment

    The Alignment Process enhances the discovery and clarification of purpose, vision, values, and beliefs within an organization.

  • Outcomes

    Outcome Managementâ„¢ is an interactive online process enabling individuals and teams to objectively solve business problems, make decisions, and reach clear outcomes.

  • Coaching

    For 25 years we have coached executives and their teams to higher levels of expertise in leading companies, teams and individuals.

  • Consulting

    Our consulting practices include leader and team development and alignment, communications, organizational transformation, meetings, small group facilitation, and others as appropriate.