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“Working with Nancy is an eye opening experience. This is a powerful concept that changes companies and lives.”

– David Garrison / Garrison Growth, CEO iBahn, ret.

Tripled revenues and customer base in one year.
Mountain Land Rehab’s three owners were not in agreement on their vision or their leadership approach, and sought out Corporate Shaman to help them address their deep issues. Within one year of working with Corporate Shaman’s alignment process, both their revenues and customer base tripled.


“Their systems and processes give us the tools to create a methodology that reveals our clients’ unique values and beliefs. As a result, our business has experienced greater success and we enjoy more personal satisfaction.”

– Dan Murdock / Murdock Financial Group

Dramatically efficient decision making.
Dyno Nobel spent three decades in disagreement over how to design and implement a universal brand for their trucks. Within less than a day with the Corporate Shaman Outcome Mapping Process, their global marketing team was able to deliver a solution that worked.


“I have been working with Outcome Mapping and the Alignment Model for over 2.5 years and it has been one of the most powerful development processes I’ve ever experienced.”

– Rick Atkin

From 9 weeks projected implementation to 3 actual weeks.
Ragnar projected an initiative to take 9 weeks to fully implement. Using Outcome Mapping, it took only 3.


“Working with Nancy has changed my life. I went into our initial discussions with all the typical CEO qualities—logic, drive, impatience, a time frame, a budget, expected deliverables, etc. She taught me how to think differently, think bigger – in more meaningful ways – and to then act in new ways. I have been happier, more successful and more purposeful ever since. She rocks.”

– Eric Jacobsen / Dolphin Capital

Improved cross team communication and customer relationships.
The 12 person executive team at Park City Mountain Resort was concerned about poor customer relations as well as poor communication across departments. With CS, the team restructured the org chart, removed silos and embedded Outcome Mapping throughout the company. Revenues soared and the company moved from the 10th favorite to the 2nd in its industry by customers.


“The concepts outlined in Outcome Mapping gave our team a lexicon that helped us communicate as a team and consequently define who we are as a community, why our work is meaningful, where we want to go as a company, and how we are going to get there. It gave us a matrix in which we could manage conflict, build trust and respect, and define our individual roles relative to the commonly shared company goals.”

– Mark “Roody” Rasmussen / President and CEO, Petzl, America, Inc.

Increase Engagement. Move Metrics. Develop Aligned Teams.
The lowest performing division of a Convergys rose to the highest within just 3 weeks of engagement with CS. They saw increased engagement, moved their metrics and developed powerful, aligned teams of people. This division was able to maintain the highest rating for five years because of what they developed with CS.


“The alignment model has helped me remember who I am and why I came. Thank you.”

– Kirsten Gunnerud

Transform your mess and find your amazing.
Bill would tell you himself, he as a mess personally and professionally. Divorced, estranged from his daughter, his company struggling and financially challenged. Within 6 months of working together, colleagues were asking “WHAT HAPPENED!?” He now is happily married, has an amazing relationship with his daughter, his company is thriving well beyond what he ever thought possible… and most importantly, so is he – on every level.


“My work with Nancy has been transformative professionally, emotionally and spiritually.”

– Jody

Stop hiding. Start thriving.
As a gay man, John was struggling in an extremely conservative and authoritarian culture. Fearful of losing acceptance from his well-to-do family, he set aside his own intuition to marry a woman of means to live the expected “normal” life. Shortly after connecting with Corporate Shaman, he recognized he was totally out of alignment with what was important to him. He dissolved his marriage, and when he came out, family and friends responded as he had feared: “What will our friends think? We can change you.” Courageously staying true to himself, not only has he found a sense of peace and purpose, his family and friends have embraced him and his partner. He is now thriving in every sense of the word.


“Working with Nancy has helped me identify the interconnectedness of everything, allowing me to flourish in new ways. Because of my work with her I see potentials rather than limits.”

– Mary McIntyre

Find your dream job.
Jim’s dream since childhood had been to work at Nike, yet he had never let himself take it seriously. He continually abdicated his own needs in favor of taking care of others. Working with CS, Jim realized that to serve others he first needs to make himself whole. He now works at Nike’s division of his wildest dreams, and has built stronger relationships and networks because people feel good around his authenticity.

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