About the Team


Nancy Wastcoat Garbett, M.Ed


Favorite Wisdom

“We each have a star of wholeness within us.
We each have an obligation to change the dense energy around us.
We must connect with the energy that creates everything.”

– Dona Maria


A competitive athlete, accidental photographer, world traveler, and scientist by formal training, Nancy has studied for more than nineteen years with South American indigenous healers whose role is to rebalance energy in their communities and villages.

Nancy has adapted these concepts, combined and synthesized them with theory and practices in the fields of quantum physics, chaos theory, clinical pastoral education, and living systems, and applied them to global businesses and organizations.

The result is that her clients, leaders and team members from dozens of national and international businesses, attain highly developed competencies. They become adept in creating outcomes, building relationships internally and externally, reducing conflict, enhancing internal motivation among all stake holders, and aligning business strategy and daily objectives with a deep sense of purpose, service, integrity, and sustainability.

Her clients learn to discover the key leverage point within their organizations, strategies for creating and holding space for healing, and processes for rebalancing the energy within their own “villages.”

Nancy has founded and sold two companies, designed and built three homes, raised six children as a single mother. She telemark skies, bikes, photographs, backpacks in many remote places in the world. And plays ice hockey.

Michael Garbett, Ed.D


Favorite Wisdom

“The universe mirrors back to us our actions, beliefs and words.”


Mike is a Chacaruna, a bridge builder enabling individuals and organizations to achieve personal excellence and business outcomes. For the past nineteen years, Mike has studied with South American shamans whose role is bring practical wisdom, a wisdom that informs of what can be through perceptual shifts that changes one’s relationship to life.

Mike offers more than 45 years of experience across varied industries in strategy development and implementation, organizational change, leadership coaching and executive and management team alignment. Through much of his career, Mike has held senior leadership positions in the professional services industry. He has had line management responsibility for developing new business units within companies, restructuring and rebuilding management teams, developing leadership talent pools, revitalizing product lines, leading turnarounds, and managing strategic corporate development.

Mike’s work centers on coaching leaders, serving as strategic advisor to leadership teams, and implementing personal and organizational intervention strategies. During his career, he has served more than 300 organizations, from large Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial organizations.

Theo Paredes


Favorite Wisdom

“Ayni is the law of origin, the flowing interconnectedness of all creation. If there is no ‘ayni’ (reciprocity, harmony) in an organization the life force is diminished and the organism withers.
Think beautifully.”

The universe mirrors back to us our actions, beliefs and words.
A native of Cusco, Peru and Director of Poqen Kanchay Foundation, Dr. Paredes works to preserve the culture of ancient Andean peoples. An Anthropologist, Archeologist and Shaman – at age eleven he was struck by lightning, which in the Andes is a calling to the work in the Spirit World.

He teaches “The Art of Living” series around the world, as well as an apprenticeship series.
Expert in working with plant medicines, managing energy and the realm of the spirits, Theo brings wisdom, balance and a sense of deep contentedness to all he touches.

Ray C. Greer


Favorite Wisdom

“​W​e make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of​ our answers​”
– Carl Sagan

“There are only two ways to live life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.”
“The ​(energy) Field is the sole governing agency of the particle”

– Albert Einstein

Ray’s successful thirty-five-year career has spanned from engineer to executive and from high-tech start-up’s to Fortune 100 juggernauts including General Electric, Apple and L3. His multifaceted experience and leadership in diverse organizations has given Ray the unique ability to thrive in any environment and the rare capacity to collaborate with every discipline in any organization.

Ray possesses the natural ability to perceive the hidden things of nature and the universe. His passion for seeking truth, light and love from all sources compels him on an endless journey of discovery and enlightenment and a genuine quest to understand the source of the energy contained within all things.

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